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Messaging Your Matches

Every homesharing arrangement starts with a message. Messaging other HomeShare Online users is how you can digitally introduce yourself and connect with them in a secure and neutral environment. This article is an overview of how to message on HomeShare Online.


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How to use HomeShare Online’s secure messaging 

There are four ways to access your HomeShare Online messages: from your list of matches, from your dashboard, from your HomeShare Online inbox and from your email inbox (outside of HomeShare Online).


From your list of matches

  1. Select the Browse Renters tab in the top navigation menu. 
  2. Click on a renter’s profile card: 

  3. Their profile will open. From within their profile, click Send a message: 
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  4. You’ll be taken to your Inbox, where you can compose your message. 
  5. Click the circular purple arrow button to send your message.

From your dashboard

  1. Select the tab that says PENDING RENTERS or PENDING HOME PROVIDERS (depending on which type of user you are). 
  2. From the list that appears, select the user you wish to message. 
  3. You’ll be taken to your Inbox, where you can compose your message. 
  4. Click the circular purple arrow button to send your message. 


From your HomeShare Online inbox 

  1. Select the Inbox tab in the top navigation menu. 
  2. Select the user you wish to message from the left sidebar. 
  3. Your message history with that user will open (if you have one). 
  4. Compose your message and click the circular purple arrow button to send it.



From your email inbox (outside of HomeShare Online)

  1. You will receive an email notification anytime you receive a message from someone on HomeShare Online. 
  2. To reply to the HomeShare Online message, you can reply directly to the email notification (or you can log in to HomeShare Online and respond from the Inbox tab as described above).  


Messaging tips and etiquette 

Connecting with others on HomeShare Online should be fun and easy. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your messaging experience.  

  • It’s ok to be yourself. Don't be afraid to show off your personality while messaging potential housemates. It’s always best to show up as your complete self.  
  • No response is not a response. If you’re not interested in continuing a conversation with someone, it’s better to let them know than to leave them hanging. You don’t have to go into detail—something as simple as, “I don’t think this will be a good fit but I wish you luck in your search” works great. 
  • Reply quickly. Whether you’re responding to a question, showing interest or politely declining, replying quickly respects everyone’s time.
  • It’s ok to ask questions. Homesharing is a big commitment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions so you know what you’re getting into (or so you can decide not to get into it). 
  • Do no harm and take no %!@#. Be kind to others, but don’t hesitate to report suspicious or out-of-bounds behavior. Learn more about spotting and reporting suspicious behavior. 


HomeShare Online is a welcoming place. See our Community Guidelines for more information about how we make sure it stays that way.  


Sending the first message

People sometimes get nervous about starting a conversation with a potential housemate. If you’re one of those people, don’t pressure yourself! You aren’t writing the next great American novel, you’re saying hello.  


An easy way to get started is by introducing yourself and leading with a question. For example, ask about: 

  • Something the other person mentioned in their profile bio
  • Something you saw on their profile that you have in common
  • A specific question related to the space for rent (if you’re a renter)
  • What the other person is looking for in a space for rent/roommate (if you’re a home provider) 


Keep in mind that only HomeShare Online Plus users can send the first message. Learn more about HomeShare Online plans and pricing. 


Taking the conversation offline 

Once the conversation is flowing, you may want to take it offline. That’s okay! Just remember: 

  • Make sure to follow these best practices for online safety
  • If you decide to meet in person, meet for the first time in a public, neutral location like a coffee shop. 
  • Once you select a housemate, make sure to come back to HomeShare Online to put your arrangement in writing with a Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement. This is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourselves and prevent conflict.  


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