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Creating and Editing a Listing

Your HomeShare Online listing gives homeseekers important information about your room(s) for rent. In this article, you’ll learn how to publish and edit your listing, how to edit your host profile and who can view your listing. 



In this article: 


How to publish a listing 

To publish a listing:  

  1. Go to www.HomeShareOnline.org and click Get started in the upper-right corner.  
  2. You’ll be asked to select your user type (host or homeseeker), enter your email address and create a password:
  3. Click Create account. 
  4. You’ll receive an email with a link for you to click to verify that you have access to the email address you used to sign up.  
  5. From there, you’ll be taken through our guided profile and listing creator, where you can enter information about yourself, your ideal roommate and your space for rent.  
  6. On the final screen, you’ll get a chance to preview your listing before publishing it.  


How to edit your listing 

To edit your listing:  

  1. Log in at www.HomeShareOnline.org/signin 
  2. Select Your listing from the top navigation menu:
  3. From within your listing, click Edit on any section to pull up an editable view.  
  4. Once you’re done making changes, scroll to the bottom and hit Save. 


How to edit your host profile 

To edit your profile: 

  1. Click the profile icon in the upper-right corner and select Profile from the dropdown menu that appears.  
  2. Click Edit in any section to add, remove or change information or preferences: 

For more information about profiles, see Creating and Editing a Profile. 


Who can view your listing 

All HomeShare Online listings are public. That means they can be viewed by the general public as well as other HomeShare Online users. For example, if someone does a Google search for “Homes for rent in [your city],” it’s possible that your listing could appear in the search results. Keep this in mind when deciding what info to share in your listing and profile.  


Note: For your security, your full address is not displayed on your public-facing listing.



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